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Sister Healing Circle

Group of four gorgeous african american womans wear summer hat holding hands and praying a

We are so excited to partner with a local non-profit, Brown Souls in Therapy, to offer the Sister Circle Healing Group. This group has been three years in the making and we are ecstatic to partner with Brown Souls in Therapy to offer this group. 


The term sister circle has evolved over the years to represent different things for unique organizations, but at its root, sister circles are safe spaces that bring a group of women together for a common goal or theme. And more recently, the therapeutic use of sister circles has risen in popularity to help Black women address their mental health concerns among women with shared experiences or diagnoses. Check out our blog post The Powerful Impact of Sister Circles and 3 Reasons Why Black Women Should Join One for more information regarding the impact of Sister Circles. 


The Sister Healing Circle will be facilitated by Dr. Anastasia Walker and therapist in training Aerial Clay. This 8-week group is a labor of love and an opportunity to find connection and safety in a space created for you by a community that looks like you. 


“Because in a sister circle, your only job is to laugh, cry, vent, and soak up the sisterhood and support you need.”



Due to the need to keep the group intimate amongst the participant, we will only accept 8 members who identify as black women






Saturday, October  1 at 10am

Saturday, October 8  at 10am

Saturday, October 15 at 10am

Saturday, October 22 at 10am

Saturday, October 29 at 10am

Saturday, November 5 at 10am

Saturday, November 12 at 10am

Saturday, November 19 at 10am



$100 for all eight sessions total


All profits will go to the non-profit Brown Souls in Therapy

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