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My Approach


In your relationship, you feel like you are too much. Your partner has said that they feel like they aren’t enough. The both of you are beginning to get in more frequent heated arguments. Or, you dodge the argument by not talking at all. Both avenues lead to the same outcome of a lost connection.

I get it. You both want to feel seen within your relationship. You wouldn’t be together if you didn’t love each other. Asking for what you need can make anyone anxious and I’m here to walk with you and your partner down that path.


Let’s work to reestablish your connection. Lets work to help the both of you get through the pain and hurt together.Let’s work together to bring a new level of awareness to your relationship. Which means more emotional flexibility versus rigidity and learning how your behavior influences your partner and how your partners behavior influences you.


My Story

Hi Y’all,


Thank you for taking the time to check out A Will to Thrive Counseling Services. I understand that the search for a therapist or counselor can be a difficult one. To help make your decision easier here’s some information about me. 


I’m from a small coastal town in the southeast - the great Jacksonville, North Carolina (unfortunately not Jacksonville, Florida!) Having grown up on the coast, the beach has always been my safe space. Almost all of my visualization exercises involve a blue sky, warm sand, and the mesmerizing sound of ocean waves. The beach will always be how I define “home”. It brings me familiar peace and comforts my mind. I hope to help you find your “home” as well. 

As I began my practice as a licensed therapist, I noticed patterns in behavior throughout my clients, which prompted a cycle of curiosity in me. I had questions that needed answers; So, I decided to take my career to the next step and get my doctorate from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The journey to obtain my doctoral degree changed my life. I founded A Will to Thrive Counseling Services and was able to immediately put to use the evidence-based interventions that I learned in school.


Creating a practice that helps my clients effectively manage their anxiety and depression symptoms has been profoundly rewarding. Creating secure connections amongst couples that I work with has been life changing.

My story continues to change, and I still have to remind myself that change is a necessary part of life. My goal is to help my clients notice, recognize, and accept the changes in their lives because I know peace is on the other side. I’m excited to build connections with you and help you in your mental health journey.


With appreciation and gratitude,

Dr. Walker

I AM...

A Human

A forever learner

A Therapist

A Business Owner

A Daughter

A Sister

Someone’s wife

An Aunty 

A Certified Hope Dealer

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