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My Approach


Seeking treatment and/or addressing mental health internally can be a struggle at times and makes one feel uncertainty from day to day. Are you feeling depressed, high anxiety, have questions or feel unsupported? If you answered yes to any of those mentioned above, let’s work together to assist you with being able to  live a fulfilled life and to reach your highest potential! 


How can I help? 

My approach is to build rapport to get to know each other,  work together to determine where you are in life, and develop goals to support your individual needs. Let me help you create a safe space  where you and I will break down your struggles and find solutions to help you live a more balanced and healthy life. My goal is to ensure you have the tools to be able to identify troubling thoughts and behaviors and to address them to make a change. If you are unsure, you are not alone. We can process your thoughts together! I am here ready to help you in the next steps to elevating your tomorrow! 

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My Story



My name is Ashley Coleman and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist. I was born and raised in Columbia, SC.  I completed my BSW studies at Benedict College and Masters of Social Work at The University of South Carolina. I have over 10 years of experience treating trauma, depression, anxiety, grief while working with adults; couples, adolescents, at-risk youth, veterans, active duty soldiers, severely mentally ill adults, elderly, and battered women. 


I have always been intrigued with helping others with their problems and finding solutions since I was a young girl. Being able to build a bond and relatable connection with others is the most rewarding. I enjoy shopping, traveling, spending time with my family and German Shepherd! My passion is helping others and I believe that mental health is very important and should be prioritize. Your journey is yours and unique to you! 


Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to working with you! 

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