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The Powerful Impact of Sister Circles and 3 Reasons Why Black Women Should Join One

Picture this: You’ve just gotten off a long day at work, and as usual, you’re feeling tired, anxious, and maybe even a little burnout.

We’ve all been there before, but this time, you head to your sister circle or safe space instead of going home to watch Netflix or take care of everyone else before yourself. And inside this sister circle is where you’re allowed to simply be exactly as you are—tired, anxious, and all—in a community of like-minded women who uplift and support one another.

Because in a sister circle, your only job is to laugh, cry, vent, and soak up the sisterhood and support you need, and maybe it’s about time you find one to join.

What are sister circles?

From what we’ve described above, a sister circle might sound like something you’d have to search high and low for, but they do exist, and they’ve been a vital part of the lives of Black women for the last 150 years.

The term sister circle has evolved over the years to represent different things for unique organizations, but at its root, sister circles are safe spaces that bring a group of women together for a common goal or theme. And more recently, the therapeutic use of sister circles has risen in popularity to help Black women address their mental health concerns among women with shared experiences or diagnoses.

What do you do at a sister circle, and why should you join one?

Every sister circle is unique, but for the most part, you can come ready to talk about your experiences, listen to others, find guidance, and nurture your growing sisterhood. Our very own sister circle program is set to start soon, so if you’re curious about what to expect, here are three reasons to consider:

1. Sister circles provide Black women with a culturally relevant way to address their mental health concerns.

Many Black women avoid seeking help for their mental health concerns out of the fear of being judged or seen as weak. Being a part of a sister circle, however, can help women approach their mental health without the fear of cultural insensitivity, thanks to the support of fellow Black women who experience the same worries and licensed mental health professionals.

2. Sister circles offer a counter-space for women to cope with outside daily pressures.

Every day Black women face microaggressions, isolation, imposter syndrome, and other harsh realities that feel inescapable. A sister circle can serve as many women’s space and set time to unplug from that reality, and find the comfort and support they need in community.

3. Sister circles remind you that you’re not alone.

There’s a reason why scholars are exploring the powerful impact of sister circles. They have an amazing and potentially unmatched ability to bring people at the margins together to support one another and move forward—despite any obstacles they might face.

We believe in the power of sister circles here at A Will To Thrive Counseling Services, so stay tuned for more details about our first sister circle program by following us on social media here!

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