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My Approach

My hope for you as you approach your therapy journey is to help guide you in becoming more mindful about each step and to see those movements as success! Therapy is more about unearthing the answers that already lie within you and less about a regimented practice. My goal is to create a safe and protected space for you to ultimately get to your best self. 

We all are a complex and beautiful mixture of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Sometimes trying to figure out life’s decisions and choices prove challenging. Behavioral health interventions can often be the key to unlocking and discovering tools that can provide you the best quality of life! 

Our session times will be filled with problem-solving, laughter and goal-setting to aid you in creating practices to help you get to the core of what brought you to therapy in the first place.


Let’s start this journey together! 


My Story

As I reenter my therapy practice, I am excited to help my clients feel better about themselves and their lives! I relocated from Buffalo, NY in 2017 to begin a new life for myself here in the Triangle area.


I have provided individual, couples and group counseling services for over 15 years and I have had the pleasure of holding leadership positions in governmental and human service agencies.


Before relocating to Raleigh, I was an adjunct faculty, where I taught social work graduate students interventions in Group Practice and Social Change. 

I enter this therapy space again because I genuinely have a passion for motivating and guiding clients in practices that I have seen first-hand help people get and feel better. Our thoughts guide our behaviors. I want to help you harness those unhealthy thought patterns into new, healthier thoughts.


My approach, therefore, is to set a tone of safety and honesty, by actively listening to you. The practices we’ll use together will have both pragmatic and practical approaches. 

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