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My Approach

Embarking on a therapy journey is a step towards mindful growth. My mission is to guide you in recognizing each stride as progress. In therapy, we often discover the answers already within you rather than adhering to a strict regimen. I aim to create a sanctuary where you can evolve into your best self.

Facing relationship struggles or the uncertainties of divorce can be daunting. But remember, inherent strength lies within you. As we collaborate, we'll harness that strength, refocus your identity, and chart a transformative plan. Envision a future illuminated by clarity and healing; it's your time to rediscover.

I am deeply committed to supporting women navigating relationship and divorce challenges. Together, we'll convert doubts into empowerment. We'll navigate emotions, bolster resilience, and celebrate your inherent value. Embrace a path of understanding, clarity, and profound change.

Know that I am here to understand and support. You're not on this journey alone. When you're ready, I'll be beside you, guiding you towards healing. Connect with me.

Life is a rich tapestry of thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Navigating its complexities can be daunting. Behavioral health approaches can reveal tools that elevate your life quality. Our sessions will blend problem-solving, moments of joy, and goal-setting to address the heart of your therapeutic quest.


Let's embark on this transformative journey together!


My Story

As I reenter my therapy practice, I am excited to help my clients feel better about themselves and their lives! I relocated from Buffalo, NY in 2017 to begin a new life for myself here in the Triangle area.


I have provided individual, couples and group counseling services for over 15 years and I have had the pleasure of holding leadership positions in governmental and human service agencies.


Before relocating to Raleigh, I was an adjunct faculty, where I taught social work graduate students interventions in Group Practice and Social Change. 

I enter this therapy space again because I genuinely have a passion for motivating and guiding clients in practices that I have seen first-hand help people get and feel better. Our thoughts guide our behaviors. I want to help you harness those unhealthy thought patterns into new, healthier thoughts.


My approach, therefore, is to set a tone of safety and honesty, by actively listening to you. The practices we’ll use together will have both pragmatic and practical approaches. 

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